Grow what you love, love what you grow - all year long. Full spectrum grow lights replicate natural sunlight for year round growing, even in a dark room, closet or garage. Perfect for growing small herbs, vegetables, houseplants, African violets, succulents and more. Also excellent for early season seed starting.

Features a high efficiency SunBlaster 11 Watt high output light with 10,000 hours of use. Reflectors reduce heat buildup and maximize performance by redirecting 100% of the light towards the plants. Supplied with 4 reusable tough growing trays for easy succession planting. Includes raised platform insert and capillary matting allowing plants to self water for up to 14 days. Canopy height adjusts easily to a maximum of 15” from the base to achieve optimal plant growth.

21.75” wide, 7.75” long and up to 18” high. Black.

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