Height: 4FT
Care Level: EASY
Lighting Needs: HIGH,MED
Water: Weekly

* Pot sold separately.
* Pot includes internal plastic saucer and Spanish moss top dressing.

* Delivery available in Orange County, CA only.
* Please allow 2 business days for delivery or in-store pick up.
* Deliveries made Monday - Saturday.
* Select delivery date that is 2 days from order date during check-out.

Plant Description: A native of Southeast Africa, Dracaena compacta ‘Janet Craig’ is a common houseplant due to its ease of care. It is easily recognized and distinguished from other forms of Dracaena by its tightly compacted, dark green leaves that are only 2-4” long from the base of the stem. It is slow growing and is said to possibly be the slowest growing of all indoor varieties.

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